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The Top Five Reasons Twitter i...

Facebook has historically been the social media network of choice due to it’s popularity and ease of use, but as time goes on it’s little sister Twitter has began to seem more and more relevant while Facebook itself has become less and less. I’m not going as far as to say Facebook is irrelevant, because that […]

The Future of Facebook: Messen...

The word “bots”, to most people, are a death sentence for online communities and messaging systems. Myspace, for example, began it’s demise when automatic spam bots began taking over, and many other communities have unfortunately gone down the same path. There’s some networks you’ve probably never even heard of because bots took over too early […]

Five Blog Niches that Produce ...

I want to start this article off with a disclaimer: at the end of the day, I am a firm believer that any idea can work if the person behind it is willing to work hard enough to make it happen. With that being said, it is also true that the better the idea and […]

Using Amazon KDP to Publish an...

Are you a writer who is held back by the idea of publishing? Are you picturing fees, dealing with difficult publishers, and endless legalities? Well, luckily for us in 2016, the internet exists and eBooks are a pretty big thing. eBooks are books published online and read using e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle. The […]

Five Ways to Write a Better Bl...

Blogging is described differently by many. Some call it a hobby, other a pastime, and a few lucky ones get to call it a living and a career. The ones who have made it big (and even the one’s who have just managed to bring themselves out of obscurity) have a few traits in common […]

Stand Out by Branding your Onl...

How important is branding to your online success? Branding your online entity is one of the most important aspects of building anything online; at least any sort of entity that you would like to grow a following for. A brand is essentially an identity or story. Nike is the swoosh symbol, athletes, and a bad […]

Five Reasons Blogging is a Goo...

Just a few years ago, blogging was something that was typically met with negative reactions. It was a lot of work, and tended to serve more as a hobby than a reliable source of any substantial level of income. Earning money with blogging used to be very tough because there were only a few ways […]

Niche Content with the Furthes...

As you are most likely already aware, the key to finding the best content for your niche is to learn about whom your audience really is. If you know what type of content your audience is most likely to engage with, then you know what type of content your social media campaign should focus on. […]

Facebook ‘Reach’ a...

So what exactly are Facebook Insights? Insights are a set of reports that are available to every Facebook page manager that allows you to track a number of factors: the overall page growth rate, individual post performance, your key demographic statistics, and even where exactly your traffic is coming from so you know where to […]

Blogging About Your Passion

One of the most exciting aspects of blogging is the prospect of making a real living out of it, quitting the tedious 9-5 lifestyle, and essentially becoming your own boss. Who wouldn’t want the convenience of being able to run their entire business from behind a keyboard? Blogging about your passion is one of the best ways […]

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